Testing and Isolation Tools

  • Plug testing and line testing
  • Vital’s proprietary technology provides a stronger and safer seal
  • Providing Double Block and Bleed Isolation to achieve a positive barrier that is verified by monitoring the pressure on both the seal and behind the plug
  • Hydrodynamic , keeps cool for post weld heat treat
  • Safely do welding on hydrocarbon lines with piece of mind that you have a positive isolation
  • Test just the weld with relative ease up to 5000 PSIG
  • Full Service Crew with Equipment
  • Full Set Sales
  • Shut Down Support
  • Custom Rental Trailers
  • We Can Do Elbows!


    Vital’s focus was to create a safe tool with all round ease of use:

    • Self Centering
    • Combination Isolation and Test Tool
    • Multi Schedule (4) on most sizes
    • Light weight…lightest tool on the market (no crane is required….for any size)
    • Slim design capable of going into Ell’s and around TEEs (6” and up)
    • High Pressures
    • Hydrodynamic capable (4” and up) for smaller sizes Hydrodynamic tools are available.
    • Able to test mismatched schedules (Sched 40 flange on 80 pipe)
    • Cost Effective Seal Replacement
    "Guys, We like it a lot. Self centering and light. "
    Account Manager
    "We have learned however that the current VITAL plugs do work better"
    Project Manager
    Field Operations

    For more information or to schedule your demonstration contact

    Tamara Randall tamara.randall@vital-ss.com