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Ultrasonic sound waves reach into areas that conventional methods can’t, rapidly removing fouling including hydrocarbons, scale and more.
Equipment is returned to service in “Like new” condition, optimizing performance, efficiency and operating lifetime.What it cleans: Pumps, Valves, Filters, Spools, Nozzles, Packing, Trays, Heat Exchangers, Plate Exchangers, Flame Arrestors, Scaffolding, Dimester Pads, Engine Parts and much more!

Before and After Photos:
Stainless Steel Pipe and Aluminum Scaffold with the pipe clamps intact

How It Works.

High frequencies create tiny bubbles travelling 400 Km/h and implode at 10,000 PSI lifting unwanted fouling.

Cavitation10,000 PSI at 400 Km/hour